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My process of designing a business card for a performer/singer-songwriter

My GypsyGoods

When Shimona asked me to help her design her business card, I was ecstatic!

Despite of the hugeeeeeee pile of workload I have in the office, I’m always psyched up to work on something fun and creative. Trust me, nothing feels more awesome than to do something you’re passionate about. Also an A+ for helping a friend! 🙂


Shimona is having a gig at the #BKKtweetup’s gathering this coming Saturday night at Coco Beach, Ratchathewi BTS station Exit 4, so I needed to finish the card designs by the middle of this week (which I did, yesterday night!).

What Do You Want In The Card
Before designing, what I usually ask is the information they want in the card, any particular images, size, color, etc. Besides her contact details and minute info, Shis gave me the liberty to wing the design (a dream, a dream!). But I had to make sure that the design is: simple, sweet and stylish and the color is reddish-orangeish.

I also added another element: minimalist.


Every designer has different ways of brainstorming. For me, I start working on the card itself in Photoshop by first choosing the font. After scouting and trying, I finally settled on Segoe Print (free for download!) as the brand font. Friends following this blog knows my personal obsession with typography – so I believe Segoe Print embodies what Shimona wants to bring out – simplicity, stylo and a touch of carefree-ness! 🙂 The other font I chose is Tw Cen MT, a sans-serif minimalist font used for short information.

Then I googled on business cards just to see what other people have designed for performers. After dozens of pages, I saw one that I really like: a B&W portrait of a singer, smiling carefree off-camera with her hands crossing over each other, and the contact details at the bottom of the card. I knew right then I wanted the similar sentiment for Shis’ card.

Version 1: Orange.

Version 2: Orange – Twitter info at the back.

By the way, I got the Twitter logo from here.

Shis really liked the Twitter-at-the-back design. With a better high-resolution profile picture and a change of color, the final and chosen design became this:


Shis is also going to print another version which I made: City Skyline


Shis also wanted another business card that has her profession as a counselor/teacher stated. So below are the initial designs:

Version 3: Color-Combo

Yup, you can see I experimented the colors by picking color from Google images. You can say that what appears nice on other things doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work on your BC. A very good lesson to learn, haha!

So Shis suggested baby blue with lush purple. And this is what I came up:

Version 4: Blue&Purple-Combo

I was getting somewhere with the 3rd design (on your lowest right). The top looked a little bare, so I experimented more:


I didn’t design the treble clef, by the way – Shis found it!

So the final chosen design was:



Can’t wait to see these designs printed on hard copy!


Of the love for fonts

I found a font that closely resembles Tina’s handwriting. Take a look:


What do you think, Tina?

The font is Freestyle Script, which I downloaded from Da Font.

I found another font, which I really like. It’s called Felt Tip Senior. This font was created by Mark Simonson, an accomplished full-time type (or in laymen’s term, font) designer. Take a look:


I recently wrote 25 things about me in Facebook, but I left out one important thing – how I religiously enjoy looking at a particular magazine cover or poster or ad or anything published and screened through the typography chosen and how the design interplay with one another. Like how the feather effect of a building lovingly seeps into the transparent color background.

Anyway back to fonts.

I believe each font has its own place…I’ve moved from using the font that I ‘just like’ to using the font because that is the perfect font to tell that something. Take a look at the font that I chose for one of the articles in Newsbyte:

Compare the headings for the stories on top and the heading column at the lower left.

Compare the headings for the stories on top and the heading column at the lower left.

FYI I used Steiner font for the “Editor’s Thoughts: Love Notes On The Road”, which you can also download for free from Da Font. I like the contemporary look of the type, and how it foreshadows that the content of this particular section projects something personal (instead of the usual, huff-puff mainstream and newswriting jinglely jingle).

Too bad Felt Tip Senior is not free. It costs $29.